A Ugandan party official said China’s commitment to African countries is real


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“Currently, you can drive from any corner of Uganda to another on an asphalt road, mainly built by Chinese companies,” he said. Richard Todong, Under-Secretary-General of the ruling Ugandan National Resistance Movement Party.

“Different economies are adopting the Belt and Road Initiative because it connects people, and that is its attraction,” Tudong told Xinhua in a recent interview.

The senior official added that “the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is progressive-minded in maintaining relations with Africa and third world countries,” noting that “the Chinese model for engagement with African countries is Tangible, durable and real“.

“In most African economies, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, the Chinese are building infrastructure projects. They are building dams and roads, all the way to rural areas,” Tudong said.

“The Chinese came and built us a lot of dams, which allowed us to boost our economy,” he said.

On the other hand, the party official spoke highly of China’s defense of socialism with Chinese characteristics. “You cannot enter a global village if you forget your culture,” he said.

Todwong participated in a three-month training on governance at Peking University in 2019. He was impressed by the steps China has taken to govern the country.

“African leaders can learn the CPC’s governing philosophy, the party adheres to a people-centered development mindset, which is fundamental to any kind of government, as well as to anyone in leadership at any level,” the Ugandan party official said. .

Tudong said Chinese Communists “understand very well what poverty is and once the root cause of this particular poverty is known, it becomes easy to treat it.”

The official also stressed the importance of the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party: “China is developing rapidly with its population, it has fought poverty and all these things that we are talking about in other countries, while the leadership has been maintained. Very resolute.”

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