A woman confronts the thief and the neighbors beat her severely – Ono TV

A woman encountered a thief who stole her purse. Image: shutterstock

in Ketoequator The woman had to face it thief who had already snatched her bag. Just like an action movie The victim screamed for help and ran after the thief.

Some street neighbors where The robbery took place They went outside to try to find out what happened. The thief tried to avoid them He returned from the street where his victim had come, Although he never thought that a woman would confront him.

The thief tried to avoid the woman, however I pounced on the subject and managed to bring it down.although the neighbors were already outside and They ran to help her.

The moment when a thief steals a woman

Given what happened, People decided to give a lesson to this lover of foreign thingsAnd they decided to hit him. The thief stoppedWhile watching the flames that engulfed his motorcycle.

The Looting she was captured on camera vigilance That he was near the area, although one person also shared it on social networks.

He doesn’t know more about the victim.While The thief was at the disposal of the authoritieswho warned that there was no complaint against him, He will be releasedAfter he was released from the hospital he was taken to.

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