AMLO – El Financiero: Pedro Castillo is the president and the relationship with Peru is off

AMLO – El Financiero: Pedro Castillo is the president and the relationship with Peru is off

Pedro Castillo He is the legitimate president of Peru, said Tuesday President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who refused to recognize Dina Polwart as an agent

“It is recognition (of other governments) There is none in Mexican diplomacy‘, the president said to a frank question about the federal administration’s recognition.

The president also referred to the relations between the two countries.

He commented on this by saying, “I have paused, waiting for what will happen and hoping that a democratic solution will be sought,” also ruling out that Mexico will withdraw its ambassador from the country.

Lopez Obrador indicated that this kind of attitude is not consistent with Mexico’s foreign policy.

It is against the principles of our foreign policy. When there was a coup d’état, power was achieved by arms or through the conquest of our lands, recognition was always sought abroad.

AMLO “Snapshot” with the new government of Peru

López Obrador was one of the first leaders to express support for Pedro Castillo after the Peruvian Congress impeached him as president under the pretext of “Permanent moral impotence.”

“We consider it unfortunate that the interests of the economic and political elites, who The beginning of the legitimate presidency of Pedro CastilloAn environment of confrontation and hostility prevailed against him Even pushing him to make decisions that served his opponents To conclude his dismissal on the unique principle of “moral incapacity,” as the president announced last week.

Subsequently, the Peruvian government accused the Mexican president of “meddling” because of his views on the matter.

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a press release, said it had asked the Mexican ambassadorPablo MonroeThat the government adheres to international principles.

Phrases of the Mexican authorities “It constitutes interference in the internal affairs of Peru, and is inconsistent with the events of recent days,” he said.

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