A young man from Córdoba won the Latin American Science and Technology Contest – El Sol de Córdoba


Cordoba, see. – requester Jesús Eduardo Méndez Oviedo was awarded gold with the project Arkusan In the Latin American competition on student projects in science, technology and entrepreneurship Informatix Gulf – North region.

Yesterday, Saturday They almost gave him the award Given the Covid-19 health emergency, it was an event related to the new normal for education.

He is in the second semester of mechatronics at the National College for Professional Technical Education (Conalep) 338 in Córdoba and advised by his mentor Cintya Cortés Galavis, and they participated in this event that took place on Friday, May 21, almost even from a platform where Participants entered by exposing their project explaining why.

Jesús Eduardo Méndez Oviedo presented in front of the jury a standard sterilization arc adaptable to any space With the spraying process by motion sensors, with the aim of being used in filters that are installed in companies, schools and shops.

Through this type of project, the student has made important advances in general knowledge of his career, but also has come up with ideas that provide support to the population with the items used in the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am very excited, and I appreciate my advisor’s support I describe it as a great adrenaline moment after I participated in this competition And more than that, to move to the next stage, everything is an experience, so I invite my colleagues to try it, and the dream is that it is possible, but above all, to work on it to achieve those dreams. “

They deliver 3D masks to the Sanitation Department in Cordoba

Like Eduardo Conalep Veracruz due to the entity that was the only educational institution that participated in this STE project.

For this young student, the road does not stop Now you must prepare to represent the country again at some point Most of it is scheduled to take place roughly next month in Guadalajara.

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