A young Spanish woman coughs every two seconds of COVID-19


Verena Garcia, A. Small 16-year-old Spanish contractor Covid-19 In October 2020 and since then it has not stopped cough Every two seconds like sequel Of the disease.

The doctors treating her still do not know exactly why a girl cannot stop coughing. The truth is, this strange sequel damaged his social life.

“My life has completely changed, but there is still no clear diagnosis. I can’t go to class, I can’t go to the movies, I can’t go out with my friends to eat, and I can’t do anything.”


The cough forced her to remain trapped. He must take distance lessons and rarely be able to go outside.

“When I wake up I cough again. I cannot eat normally because I expel everything.”

Verena is currently undergoing holistic therapy, which seeks to take care of her mind and body. According to doctors, the root of the problem will be in the wrong order that the brain sends it to the body, telling it to cough when it is not necessary.

Her mother revealed the young woman with COVID: “She suffers from terrible headaches and muscle problems, although she tries to deal with the situation” As much as possible, try not to complain too much.

The so-called long COVID

The so-called “prolonged COVID” is the new problem that more and more doctors are facing around the world. The repercussions of the Coronavirus are hardly studied in depth, but the first results are worrisome.

About 20% of those who become infected and recover continue to have symptoms weeks to months after infection.

Among the most common consequences of COVID-19 are chronic cough, shortness of breath, and low oxygen levels.

With information from Noticieros Televisa and Milenio

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