Abdul Samad Okhalfin, 5th in the best cross in the world

Abdul Samad Okhalfin, 5th in the best cross in the world

The athlete from Reus Abdessamad Oukhelfen finished fifth in the overall standings and became the best Spaniard in the race for the Cross de Atapuerca, considered the best international test for this method.

Eritrean Aaron Kifle was the winner of the prestigious Burgos race after astonishingly forcing a powerful change of pace in the latter part of the race, giving no choice to Rodrigue Kwizera (Burundi) and Joel Aiko (Uganda), one second, third and two seconds behind the champion.

And the fourth was Ugandan Thomas Aiko and fifth Abdul Samad Okhalvin (Nike), 11 seconds ahead of Kivel, a specialist in crossings.

The race took a long time to break. Spaniards Dani Archie, Wassim Omez and Carlos Mayo came to dominate it at the start, along with Abdessamad Okhlevin himself, who came from third place last Sunday on the San Sebastian crossover.

After the first loss, made up of a group of eight riders, Kevil featured a brutal change of pace that left all his teammates behind.

Abdul Samad Okhalfin, in the leading group. Photo: SportMedia

On the other hand, Eritrean sprinter Rachel Gibrinohanes surprised in the final stage of the women’s competition by overtaking the Ethiopians Nora Geruton and Beatriz Chebet, who seemed to be the two favorites to rise to the top of the podium until they overcame the Eritrean in the last game. meters.

Carolina Robles was the best Spaniard, followed by Arandina Celia Anton and Irene Sanchez Escribano.

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