Kenya, Togo and Niger win: Guinea-Bissau and Sudan tied but neither of them left in the qualifiers


Niger (Group A), Kenya (Group E) and Togo (Group H) won their respective matches against Rwanda, Namibia and Djibouti respectively and Guinea-Bissau tied Sudan (Group A), but none of them managed to qualify for the next match. African qualifying round.

Niger defeated Djibouti 7-2 in Niamey. Kenya beat Rwanda 2-1 in Nairobi and Togo beat Namibia 1-0 in Johannesburg, South Africa, but failed to reach the African Championship.

Guinea-Bissau drew 0-0 with Sudan in Marrakesh, Morocco, and did not qualify for the third stage of the qualifiers either.

Mali (Group E), Egypt (Group F), Ghana (Group VII), Senegal (Group Eight), Morocco (Group A) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) (Group X) are selected. He is still in the race for the five places decided by Africa for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Tomorrow the sixth and final date of the second stage of the African qualifiers concludes as follows:

Group A: 13:00 (Argentine time), Algeria – Burkina Faso.

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Group B: 16:00 Tunisia – Zambia and Mauritania – Equatorial Guinea.

Group C: 13:00, Nigeria – Cape Verde, Central Africa – Liberia.

Group D: 10:00, Mozambique – Malawi. 16:00, Cameroon – Cote d’Ivoire.

Group F: 10:00, Egypt-Gabon and Libya-Angola.

Group A: 16:00, Morocco – Guinea.

= positions =

Group A: Algeria 13 points. Burkina Faso: 11; Niger 7; Djibouti 0.

Group B: Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea – 10. Zambia 7, Mauritania 1.

Group C: Nigeria 12; Cape Verde, 10; Central African Republic, 4; Liberia 3.

Group D: Ivory Coast – 13, Cameroon, 12; Malawi 3; Mozambique, 1.

Group E: Mali – 16; Uganda, 9; Kenya 6; Rwanda 1.

Group F: Egypt 11. Gabon, 7; Libya 6 Angola 4.

Group G Ghana and South Africa 13; Ethiopia, 5; Zimbabwe 2.

Group H: Senegal – 16 Togo, 8; Namibia, 5; Congo 3.

Group A: Morocco 15, Guinea-Bissau, 6; Guinea 4 Sudan, 3.

Group 10: DR Congo – 11; Benin 10; Tanzania 8; Madagascar 4. (Tillam)

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