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aDal Ramones was a very curious boy who loved science. He even wrote to the Jacques Cousteau Society to say he wanted to go with him and his team to the ship they were doing research on (he never received a return letter), so it was very nice to be a part of Volunteers: Everything for science, the original National Geographic series where he serves as a guide and lead for several experiments that will clarify some of the doubts expressed by the audience.

I love the idea that the perfect storm came together, because I love science, there’s comedy and entertainment and reality in this program. A group of volunteers undergoes various experiments to give an explanation of what happens, for example, in the body when you immerse it in icy water or when you pluck a hair from your body that can harm your soul. All this has a scientific explanation and we will provide these explanations.”

A total of eight episodes, divided into two parts Volunteers: Everything for science It will premiere Wednesday, January 5, as part of the National Geographic original programming available on the Disney+ platform.

The volunteers who will accompany Adal Ramones in all seasons are the influencers Armando Álvarez, Camilo Pugliato, Micaela Lapegüe, Esteban Mascó and Angietta Rodríguez. Together with the Mexican actor and comedian, they will conduct some experiments to show that science is accessible and fun.

We were always very careful with everything, from the scripts of the programme, advised by experts, to the medical teams who were ready to step in should a problem arise. Everything was taken care of to the max. I also did trials, and they will also see me participating,” said the 60-year-old driver, who achieved fame on the show. another roll.

Although he didn’t want to reveal many of the experiments so the audience would be surprised, Ramones said participants would be shown inside boxes full of mosquitoes, to explain why some people were bitten more than others or showed up in rotating cameras. See what happens to your body when you feel dizzy.

Volunteers: Everything for science It was filmed in Argentina, in a laboratory created exclusively for the series. The project manager was Pablo Romero.

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