Why does it taste better the next day?


famous reheated It is customary among Mexican families to get together again the day after the meeting, as it ensures that the food tastes better and is more enjoyable. Is this correct? Yes, science explains Why does it taste better the reheated.

At this Christmas time, it is common for families to live together again on the day after December 24 or 31, enjoying reheatedAny food left over from the previous day. And no wonder, because food tastes better thanks to certain chemical reactions, according to scientists.

Why does reheating taste better?

the Better taste reheat Because foods acquire a more pronounced flavor, in addition to the concentration of flavors and textures improve when returned to the fire.

But, what influences that reheated Does it taste better? These are basically chemical reactions that happen when people reheat food; However, for this to happen, you also need to pay attention to the method of heating, since doing it on the stove in the traditional way is not the same as using a microwave.


Reheating improves the taste of food

Among the factors that improve the taste in reheated It’s the collagen that the bones of meat release when food is exposed to fire again.

With the release of this substance, the taste of ready-made food improves. In contrast, evaporation also plays an important role in reheated Because it helps focus the flavor.

The simple fact of putting in food makes food cook better and can increase its flavour, which is why rIt tastes better. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cooling and preservation of the prepared dishes.

Refrigeration can increase the quality and flavor of each food, but if not preserved properly, it can be reheated It spoils and causes illness in people, such as poisoning, vomiting and severe stomach pain.

Reheated taste better


There are chemical processes that improve the flavor of reheating

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