Admits to killing 15 people from New Mexico


According to a court attorney, a New Jersey murder suspect told police during questioning on Friday that he had killed 15 people in New Mexico, including his estranged wife, according to a court attorney.

Suspect Sean Lanon is accused of beating Michael Dabkowski to death with a hammer at the victim’s home in East Greenwich Township, New Jersey, in addition to robbery. Lanon was arrested while on the run earlier this month in Missouri.

Gloucester County Public Prosecutor, Alec Gutierrez, told the court during a hearing probable cause that during police questioning after reading his rights to him, Lanon confessed to killing DAbkowski and 15 people in New Mexico, including his estranged wife Jennifer.

The Albuquerque Police Department has admitted that it will interrogate Lanon in relation to four severed bodies found on the property of a local airport on March 5 – one of them was Jennifer Lanon – although no charges have been filed.

The police department in Grants, New Mexico, Lanon’s hometown, is investigating the deaths of three other known victims, but has not filed any charges.

Judge Mary Beth Kremer said the nature of Lanon’s accusations and the fact that he was caught as a fugitive made him risking severely the possibility of an escape. “I consider him a danger to society,” Kramer said, and he ordered that Lanon be detained without bail.

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