Aesthetic Medicine Trend 2023 – Metro World News

Aesthetic Medicine Trend 2023 – Metro World News

every time he comes The new yearAs in 2023, there is a great desire to transform inside and out. the direction Aesthetic medicine has also been completely modernized and revamped.

The current thing is drinkable marine collagenbody retinol, “botox-like” products and even newer ingredients like azenoglycine, Elle portal specific.

There are others who are higher And they’ll be judging ‘beauty addicts’ after-meals, like the case of the new lift effect, viral strands of 12 short cones throughout 2023.

What is popular in aesthetic medicine?

Drinkable marine collagen. In the world of cosmetics, it is listed as one of the royalty. Above all, because of its drinkable version in food-cosmetics, it is hydrolyzed. Unlike other ingredients, it multiplies its effects, becoming four times more bioavailable

body retinol. An established and strong trend demonstrates the importance of body retinol today: It will transition from being a whole-body thing.

Within the so-called “body strengthening”, otherwise known as A care routine that aims to treat the skin of the body with the active ingredients used for the faceas a complete step.

Botox-like products. Now, you can forget about holes Botox Natural with “Botox Like”, a natural base. It is able to mimic the action of retinoids on the skin: it thickens the dermis. At the same time it reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Azenoglycine, New Ingredients

In 2023, one of the new components will give something to talk about. Under the name azenoglicina, it was formed with one part azelaic acid and two parts glycine,

It’s one of the ingredients that will get people talking in 2023. Azenoglycine contains 1 part azelaic acid and 2 parts glycine, making it one of the most powerful facial cleansers.

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