Afghanistan and Nigeria | La Hora newspaper

Afghanistan and Nigeria |  La Hora newspaper

The entire West has shown an understandable concern for the future of Afghan women, who are once again subject to harsh Islamic law. In their case, the recipes, 29, are completely alien to the prevailing mentality in our cultural environment. This concern was linked to a sample of almost complete ignorance of the history of the West itself, where there is talk of a “return to the Middle Ages”, It is as if the status of women at that time could be compared to Islam in every time and place. But let us leave this topic, for with bitterness we know that prejudices are already well established and won the minds of countless people who from the Middle Ages knew only the perversions that appeared in novels and films.

It is amazing, or should at least among the awake and free, that a cry has been raised to heaven for Sharia in Afghanistan and its consequences for non-Saudi women in that country, but absolutely none. No one in the various media, both national and foreign, thought about the killing of Christians in Nigeria. In this African country, 17 Christians, the majority of whom are Catholics, fall victim daily and on average. So far this year more than 4,000 Christians have been killed by Islamist militants, among whom are, as is “normal,” the elderly, women and children. They are not fighters, and the Muslim jihadists do not find them arms within arm’s length, no; They are peaceful people, their crime is to believe in Jesus.

Last year, the average number of homicides was the same, with 6,200 victims. The situation is similar in other African countries, such as Mozambique, Uganda, South Sudan…. The mainstream media is silent and opinion leaders are looking the other way.

in the last days Fear increased among ChristiansThe Islamic fighting groups also announced their satisfaction with the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan and will act accordingly.

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