AFRICA/UGANDA – Evangelization and missionary philanthropy, on the occasion of World Mission Day


AFRICA/UGANDA – Evangelization and missionary philanthropy, on the occasion of World Mission Day

Kampala (Agenzia Fides) – Evangelization and charitable work are an essential part of the Church’s mission, which lives to proclaim the love of Christ and to communicate it to humanity: this is stated by Father Pontian Kawesa, Director, Fides Agency of the Pontifical Church and Mission Societies (PMS) in Uganda, in the context of a meeting organized On the occasion of World Mission Day, on October 24, 2021. After the Pope’s message and theme for World Mission Day missions (entitled “We Can’t Stop Talking About What We’ve Seen and Heard”), at a recent meeting through a digital platform with Premenstrual System Diocese Administrators For the nineteen parishes of Uganda, there has been talk of new digital methods of animation and fundraising.
During the meeting, three main points were discussed: The new means of animation in the dioceses. preparing for World Mission Day; Use innovative digital media to raise funds.
Regarding the first point, participants suggested using digital media to transmit God’s word and prayers between families and parish groups, as well as using local radio and television stations, which have proven to be necessary during the lockdown imposed by the pandemic.
In preparation for World Mission Day, it is expected that, if the epidemic slows, celebration will be allowed without certain restrictions. In any case, the recitation of the missionary rosary will be essential in every family, congregation and religious gathering.
With regard to fundraising for missionary projects, it is planned to create a list of partners for each of the Pontifical Societies and to use digital media for donations.
During October, NBMS will also broadcast information and animation programs on Radio Maria Uganda, Radio Sabentia and on Ugandan Catholic Television (UCTV).
(Egypt) (Agenzia Fides, 10/1/2021)


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