Airbus A350: What the plane has to offer and where the best seats are?


Depending on how the seats are set up, the Airbus A350 can carry between 280 and 366 people. A high price doesn’t affect comfort because the maker cares about what’s best for the customer. The liner is used for long-distance flights, where legroom is important.

The Airbus A350 is the world’s most modern and friendly to the environment long-haul plane. Thanks to new engines, cutting-edge materials, and a special design that makes the plane more aerodynamic, it uses 25% less fuel and makes up to 50% less noise than similar planes. Lufthansa has state-of-the-art in-flight services for all types of passengers.

Lufthansa: Airbus A350-900 cabin map

Airbus a350-900 Lufthansa has a plan that lets them fit 48 people in the business lounge, 21 in the “improved economy,” and 224 in the economy class. What should you think about picking the best places?

Choose the best seat in the business cabin of the Airbus A350

All of the chairs in a 2-2-2 layout can be turned around 180 degrees and put to rest, almost like in your own room. There is also a buffet where you can get drinks and small snacks. Some of the seats are not as comfortable as others. For example, the 6th and 7th rows are near the bathroom. People say that the first row is convenient, but it’s near the buffet, so moving passengers make it hard to sleep.

The Airbus A350 has an “improved economy.” If you choose to fly in the Airbus A350 Premium Economy Class, you will have plenty of legroom (97 cm) and food close to a business kitchen. People say that rows 14 and 15 are comfortable, but you can’t put your hand luggage under your feet in row 12.

How to choose the best seats in economy class

The space between the 16th and 42nd rows in this compartment is 78 cm, and the seats are set up in a 3-3-3 pattern. When choosing seats, please keep the following in mind: Since there are no seats in front, the best seats are 28 K and 28 A. The 27 B, C, H, or J flights are popular with couples. The seats are set up in a 2-3-2 pattern so that people don’t bump into each other. There are also seats near emergency exits, which gives you more room for your legs.

The fact that the sliding tables are attached to the armrests is not a good thing. This makes the seats narrower, and the fact that they are so close to the toilets is scary. People don’t like seats 27 D, E, and G because the sliding tables in the armrests make them less wide. Don’t take 41 D and G because the bathrooms are close by and will bother you.

But the rest of the seats in the 41st row and the whole 42nd are the worst choices because they don’t recline. Standard on the Airbus A350 is the other ways to sleep. Even though you won’t get any extra perks, the airline promises that the cabin is so comfortable that even long flights won’t bother you.

Because the cabin on board is now wider, it feels like there is more space. New seats with ergonomic cushions, comfortable headrests, and more storage space above the table will make travel even more comfortable for people in economy class. In Business Class and Premium Economy Class, the seats are wider for more comfort.

Business class passengers now have a self-service area where they can grab a snack and a drink at any time between meals. This is in addition to a wide range of food and drinks.

You can explore the best places to fly not only on the Airbus A350, but also on other aircraft, even on the Saab S2000, on the seatmaps website. There you can also find a lot of additional information about flights, and carriers, which is constantly updated and is the most relevant.

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