Akhannouch highlights Morocco’s commitment to the US-Africa partnership

Akhannouch highlights Morocco’s commitment to the US-Africa partnership

the prime minister of morocco, Dear AkhannouchHe was one of the many African leaders who participated this week in a summit in Washington in order to strengthen relations with the United States.

During the meeting, Akhannouch affirmed his country’s desire to strengthen and support partnership and cooperation between the United States and Africa in various fields. As reported by the agency a mapThe Moroccan Prime Minister confirmed this Strengthening relations with the African continent, as is the case with Washington, is at the core of Rabat’s interests.

Regarding relations with the rest of the African countries, Akhannouch recalled King Mohammed VI’s efforts to consolidate and strengthen relations with the continent. It made the Moroccan monarch More than 50 state visits to 30 African countries and signed more than 1,000 agreements in recent years.

Photograph: Ken Cedino/Reuters US President Joe Biden and other leaders pose for a family photo during the African American Leaders Summit

In the same way, Rabat is ready to increase its bilateral partnership with the United States. According to Akhannouch, Morocco has “the same desire to develop a comprehensive and sustainable partnership.” In this sense, the Moroccan prime minister referred to the free trade agreement signed by the two countries in 2004, through which Rabat was able to triple the volume of its trade with Washington. Morocco was the first country in Africa to reach such a treaty with the United States.

For Akhannouch, it is necessary to “identify the strengths of economies and societies” in order to realize the association’s “full potential”. Among Morocco’s strengths, according to the prime minister, is its geographical location. The North African country is a key point between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America. thus, “It can help boost economic and trade cooperation”.

Akhannouch urged countries to implement development support programmes “effective and comprehensive”adapted to the aspirations of each country.

During his stay in the US capital, the Moroccan Prime Minister held a meeting with US Trade Representative Catherine Tay. In this meeting – in which Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance Nadia Fattah Alaoui also participated – Taye indicated that the United States “Very proud” Free Trade Agreement with Morocco. The US Trade Representative also highlighted the importance of continuing to make progress in this union to meet global challenges such as decarbonization or digitization, according to reports. Le360.

Akhannouch spoke with Meta’s Head of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, and with the CEO of Visa. in the same vein, Watch Morocco’s match against France at the White House, accompanied by President Joe Biden and other African partners.

The African summit in Washington was attended by about 50 African leaders and representatives of more than 300 American and African companies. Biden has expressed his commitment to the continent. Declaring that “the United States is committed to Africa’s future,” the president announced an agreement aimed at strengthening trade cooperation with the continent.

“I have announced more than $15 billion in two-way trade and investment commitments, agreements, and partnerships to advance shared priorities.”Biden said during the summit.

The summit dealt with common issues and challenges, such as the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and security or stability.

Americas Coordinator: Jose Antonio Sierra

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