Alex Contreras: “Inflation is declining in the world and Peru is no stranger to it”

Alex Contreras: “Inflation is declining in the world and Peru is no stranger to it”
Alex Contreras, Minister of Economy and Finance

Alex Contrerasminister Economics and financeuntil Peru It has a better position and positive things come in investments, as there is international and local interest in the country.

owner MEFHe stressed that inflation rates have begun to decline and that this will allow exports to recover and public investment to increase at a good pace.

He said that the role of the global economy is key to local dynamics Alex Contreras During the “Investment Promotion to Boost the Economy” event organized by ProInversión, where he stressed the need to follow the line of economic reactivation in the country.

Inflation has begun to decline in all regions of the world Peru This is being noticed, which helps because it makes the highly contractionary monetary policy start to moderate or at least begin to lower the adjustment rate, which is a situation that is being observed,” he commented.

“In these two years, the most severe interest rate adjustment was encountered, and in the case of the United States (US), this rate adjustment is expected to continue to moderate in the coming months,” he said.

The Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras, chairs the IMF’s board of governors in Italy.

In addition, during his presentation, he explained that “China Once again, it is starting to show signs of recovery and it is also noted that metal prices are higher than expected levels within the macroeconomic framework, so the conditions are not entirely negative and may be favorable. In the case of Latin America, the context will be challenging and the Global Economic Fund is committed to achieving growth of greater than 3.1% in 2023.”

In this sense, the Minister made it clear that he is doing his best with this entire portfolio to highlight the confidence of potential investors and so that they can look at Peru with potential in order to continue the development line.

He pointed out that “Peru is back again and there is an international and local interest, and what is required is the restoration of trust relations.”

“impact unrest Social security has been strong and limited at the regional and sectoral levels, and the economy has progressed at two speeds: one that has recovered and grown rapidly, including primary sectors, and non-primary sectors affected by social conflict that will be relevant. effect in January. Therefore, we expect a moderation in January, and as of February, what the indicators show is that the economy is already entering a recovery phase.”

Despite two months of administration, there is significant progress in public investment, both nationally and regionally. In the case of municipalities, the decline is moderate, although the trend has not reversed, but it indicates that. He said.

MEF President Alex Contreras gave more information about the “Con Punche Perú” plan at a press conference.

He also said they believe in private investment They want to reinvigorate the investment virtuous circle.

“There was a rebound in December, but in January there was a moderation and we expect this to continue to pick up. The best tool to restore confidence is credibility. If we do nothing, what will happen in the following years is a state of stagnation and that means less possibilities for growth,” he explained.

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