All about muons and mesons

Electrons, bosons, positrons…but also muons and mesons, these last two particles cause real chaos in the so-called physical models of standard particles. your 58And Sixth episode of Science Science Podcast from Science and the future And 20 minutesAnd It explains all about the real “Big Bang” that occurs in matter physics.

The latest experiments conducted by the most powerful particle accelerator in the world

On microphone, Fabrice Nicot, journalist from science and the future, An expert in astronomy and physics, answering the questions of Romain Gouloumès de 20 minutes.

Both detail the anomalies revealed by the latest experiments conducted in LHCb (Cern)And The world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, located on the French-Swiss border.

Minor review: The b meson is a quark and antiquark, which decay in two equally likely ways, according to the Standard Model of particle physics.

Statistical anomaly or true novelty?

However, according to recent manipulations, some of which have already been published in reference journals, one decay pathway appears to dominate the other, a result completely incompatible with what physicists know about particle behavior. Statistical anomaly? Real news? Needless to say, physicists are in crisis and seeking to confirm their findings. Continued …

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