INAI Health orders to provide information on the appointment of temporary doctors


Health must specify information regarding the appointment of temporary doctors due to the care of the COVID-19 pandemic

National Institute for Transparency and Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (in artificial intelligenceThe Ministry of Health directedin a) Provide information about temporary medical staff He was hired to handle a health emergency due to COVID-19.

According to the INA, the agency must determine the validity of a file Recruit, condition Republic In which services are provided, the amount of wages Paid, granted squares permanent and opening The new arenas in 2021.

The person who requested details about the appointment of health personnel under the health emergency, was Not satisfied and submitting An appeal for review to INAI, because the SSA has confirmed that it does not have the information requested.

The agency specified that it requested a response to the areas of psychiatric care services, the General Directorate of Epidemiology, the Women’s Hospital, the National Homeopathy Hospital, the Juarez Centro Hospital, the General Directorate of Human Resources, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Prevention and Health Promotion, the Coordinator of the National Institutes Committee. From health and highly specialized hospitals, but no one can provide what is required under the pretext of lacking the powers to know it Information.

In the case analysis by the commissioner Josefina Roman Vergara, it was determined that the SSA failed to rotate the request for information to all competent units, and those that responded did not use a reasonable and comprehensive standard, with some citing their lack of powers, when it was noted that they had powers to utter what they requested.

Because of this, unanimously, the Pleno del INAI He rescinded the SSA’s response and ordered a thorough search, by broad criteria, in all of its competent administrative units with respect to all that document providing an account of what the individual had requested in respect of the health personnel ultimately assigned during a health emergency.

Once in Information is locatedIt must be handed over to the requesting person.

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