Nevakly grandmothers and flag – opinion

Nevakly grandmothers and flag – opinion

They went viral: the scene took place in the family health unit of the community of Uj’e Lhavos, in Philadelphia, Boqueron, Chaco. Armed with their ceremonial wand, Nivaclei’s grandmothers sang and danced around Dr. Liz Fabiana Zorella in appreciation of the discharge of the last patient admitted to the University of South Florida.

The doctor cried, sang and hit their sticks on the ground in unison.. That’s how ancient science and culture met. Far from discussing who has it (scholars or beliefs), what is salvaged is the respect one party shows to the other and vice versa.

Man is all and in this whole, the desire for survival has always found a way both in science and in belief in something higher.

It’s a fact, quote Gerardo Remolina Vargas In his book, Philosophy of Science and Faith in Contemporary Debate, assertion and denial of a Supreme Being have co-existed throughout human history as an eternal question. This reality will not change as long as there are fans on both sides of the anti-religious and pro-religious frontier.

Remolina Vargas turns to Freud to explain that “the most important aspect of collective psychology is constituted by ideas or illusions … which seek not only to assuage our fears in the face of the uncontrollable forces of nature, but also to give credence to moral and ethical systems by linking them to the will of God.” “.

In this respect, there are as many paths as there are individuals in this search for the Absolute. Rather than getting bogged down in debates that do not specifically have an answer, other initiatives seek their own path toward this truth, such as Paraguay Physics. Evelyn Coronel, which is part of the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN) ATLAS Experiment, dedicated to deepening the study of matter, energy and time using the Large Hadron Collider.

From Sapucai to Germany, today it is one of the participants in the largest particle physics research center in that European country. What connects Uj’e Lhavos, Sapucai and Germany is the application of the knowledge gained in different ways to access truth, well-being and preservation of identity.

On this train, nothing can be ruled out because when there is faith, says Donna Escolastica, any wand that works, or a wand or nanoparticles is degraded by an accelerator. So whatever you do, never stop believing.

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