In the service of the benefits of science and technology in Dona Alba


Photo: Disclosure of science and technology

All these interventions will contribute to providing a better service to the population

The Dona Alba Medical Specialties Center looks after an average of 13,000 people per month. The venue offers consultations and exams as well as scheduling appointments and appointments for the municipal public health network. All these services, in addition to the organization of hospitalization and the distribution of medicines in the pharmacy, have their own electronic system, based on a local network, managed by the Department of Science and Technology of the Macaé City Council.

On Thursday (2), a team from the Secretariat was on site for a technical visit. The Minister of Science and Technology, Marcos Lemos, noted that “by the way, we were able to repair the main router and one of the ultrasound systems that were malfunctioning, which allowed for further testing,” adding that other points of improvement such as in the digital storage of the examinations that It is performed in the imaging center.

All of these interventions will contribute to better care for the residents, as well as the work of the professionals who work in the unit, including physicians with an electronic file, according to Dona Alba Center for Medical Specialties coordinator, Alison de Oliveira.

Donna Alba R. Governor of the Center for Medical Specialties Roberto Silvera, 108 – Center, Mackay.

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