All you need to know about genetic medicine


If we tell you that there is a file A new alternative to anti-aging medical treatment More accurate and personalized Thanks to your DNA Do you dare to try it? Today, thanks to technological advances, the collection of this information from our genetic profile is made possible thanks to the branch that specializes in that called genetic medicine.

To find out more about it, we spoke with Dr.. Maria del Mar GuerraAnd the Specialist in genomic medicine and founder of Medae Clinic, the first genomic medicine and anti-aging clinic in MexicoWho explained to us that this branch has opened its doors to be able to do so treating patients in another way Predictive and personal As the global vision of the treatments that comprise it is characterized by accuracy and direct contact with specialists.

But how do you prevent premature skin aging? The doctor tells us that thanks to a genomic nutrition routine it is possible to know Supplementation of the patient, activate some receptors of aging and thus act on them. In addition, they proceed with tissue engineering where they are able to remove cells from the patient and grow and multiply so that they generate hyaluronic acid and collagen, producing the very best in anti-aging skin.

Regarding the best age to start performing cosmetic treatments, the doctor confirms this from 25 years collagen rate begins to decline 0.5% per yearSo an anti-aging appointment may be necessary from this age. Among the expert’s recommendations to independently delay the signs of aging may be the daily use of sunscreen and products that help us stimulate collagen.

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