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High school students participated through a video link with researchers from Concordia Antarctica in the project “Connexion to the Italian-French Concordia Antarctic Base, Frontiers of the World”.

Organized by the Guanajuato Education Secretariat, IDEA Gto and the Embassy of Italy, the event focused on the “Future Remote 2021” approach with the theme of “Transitions” to enhance the participation of basic level students in science dissemination activities.

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Students participate in a science project

During the virtual event, students from different parts of the Mexican Republic, as well as from Italy, participated. Sixteen students from Héroes Salmantinos and Técnica 38 Secondary Schools represent Guanajuato.

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Through this link, children were able to interact with researchers at Concordia Station located in the eastern Antarctic plateau, which is considered by the scientific community as a strategic site for the study of land cover craters, paleoclimate studies, and land studies. Climate, space planets, stars, earth sciences and space medicine.

Alexandre Aguilera Rico, 15, a student at Technical School 38 in the municipality of Salamanca, asked Concordia researchers the question: Given the weather conditions, is it possible that the Covid-19 virus was present in that place? And if possible, what would they do?

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