Along with LeBron James: The NBA players who will be a part of Space Jam 2


This Saturday, April 3, the first trailer for the second movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, who will be a star star National Basketball Association (NBA), LeBron JamesIt will be shown on July 16 in cinemas and broadcast on the platform HBO Max.

As it happened in the first movie in 1996 starring Michael Jordan, The irrigation must play with Looney Tunes Against a fierce opponent, made up of characters from the best basketball in the world, revealed by without interruptionplayer product Los Angeles Lakers.

Unlike the original movie, Space Jam 2 will participate in Up to six NBA players and three Women’s Basketball (WNBA) personalities, which will be part of fools, the rival team of LeBron, Bugs Bunny, and company.

NBA players who will be a part of Space Jam 2

At Space Jam in 1996, the participating characters were Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Sean Bradley, Larry Johnson and Moggie Boggs, which was part of MonstersWhich stole the talent of these stars and caused the season to stop.

Monstars vs. Michael Jordan in Space Jam (screenshot)

In Space Jam 2, it was revealed that some members of LeBron’s rivals will be Lakers teammates like Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma, in addition to the Portland Trail Blazers character, Damian Lillard, from representatives of the Golden State Warriors, such as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, in addition to the veteran Chris Paul.

They will be accompanied by three WNBA personalities, such as the Argentine mother Diana TaurasiIn addition to the sisters Nneka y Chiney Ogwumike. We really want the movie to be released.

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