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A truck holds a trailer with the Amazon Prime logo. (Patrick Fallon / AFP)

Last week, US Congressman from the California Democratic Party, Mark Buchan, confirmed in a tweet that “paying workers $ 15 an hour does not make you a“ progressive workplace ”when you break unions and pee workers in bottles of water.

In response to Pocan, Amazon wrote from his account: “You don’t really believe in peeing in bottles, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us.

The truth is that the fact that Amazon workers in the US pee bottles while doing delivery was substantially proven in 2018, when Interested in businessHe posted two accounts of drivers who claimed they had to use bottles because they didn’t have time to go to the bathroom.

A) Yes, In a post on Amazon News, The multinational admitted that its tweet was “incorrect” and apologized to the congressman for the Democratic Party. He explained that “the tweet did not think about the large number of drivers we have, and instead focused wrongly only on our distribution centers,” adding that his distribution centers have “dozens” of bathrooms and that employees are free to use them “at any moment.”

Despite this, the company acknowledged that drivers sometimes have problems finding toilets due to traffic and the fact that they are on rural roads, and that the problem is exacerbated by the closure of public toilets during the pandemic.

The Amazon tweet denying workers urinating in bottles came days before a major vote to establish a union in the Amazon warehouse in Alabama, and the apology and approval came days after the vote had already taken place. The results of Monday’s vote were not known.

In its apology, Amazon justifies itself by saying that this is not a problem specific to Amazon and is gathering testimonials from many drivers who work for other brands that recognize it as a common and long-term practice in the transportation sector.

The irony is that the brand On its portal, she sells a wide range of bottles for urination. Circular Economy and Model Beginning of the End In one of the most visible faces of global capitalism.

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