The Peruvian progressive candidate endorses the position against the US blockade of Granma, Cuba


Veronica Mendoza, the Peruvian presidential candidate, declared that, if elected, she would maintain her country’s position against the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba.

A representative of the Left Bloc together for Peru (JP) for the general elections discussed the issue at a conference with the foreign press, before being asked by Prensa Latina about whether to continue Peru’s historic stance against the blockade.

The candidate who was considered the best performer in the debates between the two candidates responded firmly, “Certainly, of course, because it is an imitation of our diplomacy but also because it is fair.”

“We will continue to call for an end to the illegal blockade of Cuba, which is harmful to the Cuban people,” Mendoza added.

The issue is also included in the official JP government plan, which brings together the new Peruvian parties: the Peruvian Communists, the Red Homeland and the Socialist, among other political groups, citizen groups and other organizations, adds Prensa Latina.

The aforementioned plan proposes to “strengthen effective solidarity with the peoples who have been attacked or whose rights and safety have been violated.”

He adds that this “means an immediate end to the illegal blockade of Cuba and an end to the Monroe Doctrine that the United States has been applying in recent years,” as the left-wing political party says.

It also indicates that the State of Peru currently lacks a foreign policy of solidarity with peoples who are in political, economic and social crises or are under attack and attack by other powers and form an unequal world.

At the regional level, Mendoza indicated that if he reached the government, he would promote the revitalization of regional integration organizations such as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Confederation of South American Nations and the Andean Community.

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