AMLO. A call to end the hegemony of the United States in Latin America


Noting that the Monroe Doctrine “America for Americans”, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador mentioned that the The hegemony and dominance of the United States in Latin AmericaBecause it indicates that a nation cannot interfere in the decisions of other peoples.

The head of the federal executive authority indicated in a morning press conference that The principle of non-interference and self-determination of peoplesand reiterated his call to the United States government to end the embargo imposed on Cuba.

“Do you think there can be a change with President Joe Biden regarding Cuba?” he was asked.

“I see it with optimism, for we must seek the unity of all the peoples of America. It cannot continue to say that ‘America is for Americans’ thinking that America is nothing more than the United States, America for all and all Americanssaid the chief.

“The two-century-old policy of domination of the peoples of Latin America and the Carinae must now be set aside. No state can interfere in the decisions of other peoples, there must be respect, the principle of non-interference and the self-determination of the peoples must be guaranteed and we must unite.”

At the National Palace, the Federal President noted that just as the countries of Europe were united initially in the Economic Community, and later with the European Union, or as the countries of Asia do “what we have to do in America’s economic and trade zone, on the basis of respect for our sovereignty and this is possible.”

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