Peruvians vaccinated with Sinophram may enter the United States

Foreigners can enter the United States if they have been vaccinated with Sinopharm. (Photo: Reuters)

There are no excuses not to put your shoulder down. The United States has announced that it will ease measures against foreigners who wish to enter their country. One requirement is that they be immunized against COVID-19 And issued a list of allowed vaccinations. It should be noted that Sinopharm is inside.

Vaccines suitable for entry into the United States are all vaccines that have been approved by the World Health Organization. Pfizer / BioNTech, Johns & Johns, Moderna, Sinopharm and Sinovac are World Health Organization It has been considered for emergency use in various countries around the world.

This was announced by Jeff Zentz, White House COVID-19 Coordinator All foreigners traveling to the United States must show their vaccination card Before boarding the plane, as well as take a negative test within three days before the flight.

In Peru, 8.8 million doses of the immune system developed in China have so far been used, despite the false and inaccurate media campaign circulating on social networks.

There is scientific evidence for the effectiveness of a vaccine made in China and data collected in Peru, where a clinical trial was conducted by the University of Caetano Heredia and San Marcos.

The United States will allow entry to aliens who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm.  (Image: Twitter)
The United States will allow entry to aliens who have been vaccinated with Sinopharm. (Image: Twitter)

Sinopharm in Peru

According to researchers from the National Institute of Health (INS) and the Institute for Health Technology Evaluation and Research (Ietsi) in EsSalud and University of Southern Science (UCS), complete immunization with Sinofram (2 doses), 94% effective in preventing deaths from COVID-19.

It should be noted that the research was conducted with more than 600,000 health workers who were vaccinated in our country, as they were the first to receive the vaccine.

Sinopharm has scientific studies

On social networks, there was a vigorous campaign to discredit the Sinopharm vaccine, among which it was highlighted that there are no scientific studies supporting it. The fact is that various scientific journals and independent experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) have validated the positive results of the vaccine.

It was an independent group of WHO experts who evaluated data from Phase III clinical trials and then recommended that the agency give it international endorsement for emergency use.

Similarly, The Lancet notes that the Sinopharm vaccine is safe and produces an important immune response against COVID-19, but not only in adults, but also in children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years.

JAMA, one of the world’s leading medical publications, has released the results of phase III trials of the Sinopharm vaccine. They noted that clinical trials yielded an efficacy of 78%, which is higher than the 50% recommended by the World Health Organization.

No serious negative effects have been reported

Sinopharm vaccine is used in 45 countries and so far no serious adverse effects have been reported after millions of doses taken. In Peru, no serious adverse events were also recorded, as revealed by the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases.

However, it is important to note that there are very frequent side effects after the vaccine is applied. Pain at the application site, fatigue, fever, and headache are the most common, but they are all transient.

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