AMLO allows the peak climate to pass to continue in the morning


When you start a file Morning conference this Thursday In the National Palace, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He reported that he will participate in the Leaders’ Summit on Climate Change.

Before starting the Q&A round with reporters in the locker room, Lopez Obrador noticed an intervention Kamala HarrisAnd the Vice President of the United States and President of the United States, Joe BidenAnd he said that he will continue the morning conference until the time for his intervention.

The summit will continue, and the President, the Vice President will represent us at the summit Marcelo Ebrard; Other heads of state will speak and when it is our turn, we will deliver our message on Mexico’s behalf.

“This is how today’s conference will be. At the end of the interventions, we will give continuity to the conference in the same format and with the same methodology applied”, Lopez Obrador expressed the continuation of his press conference, which began with the announcement of an agreement between companies that obtained contracts to run eight prisons under the government Felipe Calderon.

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As the question-and-answer session progressed, and when talking about inflation, the President interrupted: “My turn will come to speak. I suggest I take my place and be here, and you will be able to know what I’m going to raise, if you think so.”

“It won’t take long because I want to respect the times, they ask everyone to be three minutes in, so I put in effort, and the combination work to lift the basics when it matches me.

“Allow eight minutes, then we’ll continue,” he said before participating in the leaders’ summit on climate change.

After refusing to use Armed men in GuerreroLopez Obrador set up his response to recruiting his hypothetical participation in the Climate Summit.

“Really just?” The President asked, before highlighting in his speech Life Seeding ProgramEnd the practice of exporting crude oil, buying gasoline, and modernizing hydroelectric power stations.

Photo: Germán Espinosa / EL UNIVERSAL

In his speech, Lopez Obrador asked Joe Biden Funding the Sembrando Vida program for its expansion In southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The President of Mexico stated that through this reforestation program, the US government can grant temporary work visas and citizenship to those who participate in the project.


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