Movies and series to better understand the nuclear tragedy

These are some of the movies we recommend on the topic of Chernobyl.

On April 26, 2021, 35 years since the nuclear accident On Chernobyl, It is a city located in Kiev Oblast, in Ukraine, And therefore We offer you movies and series It gives you a better idea of ​​what happened.

April 26th, due to poor maintenance and neglect The reaction made you collapse Reactor 4 That exploded and released a radioactive substance into the atmosphere.

The The consequences for the population Filmed in documentaries, Series and movies That we provide here:

“You guys from Chernobyl”

It is a documentary that adapts the book of the same title by Writer Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize for Literature 2015.

The movie is not about the nuclear accident itself, it is about it The people who lived in it Chernobyl Of which little is known.

The documentary is a series of testimonies from witnesses, scholars, teachers, journalists, families and children They tell the horrors that they lived On Chernobyl.

Plus, the movie stands out Beautiful cinematography that accompanies the voices of survivors of a nuclear disaster.

“Grandmothers of Chernobyl”

This documentary is produced by Holly Morris and Anne Bogart who tell the story of Hanna Zavorotina, Maria Shufkuta and Valentina Ivanevna, Three “babushkas” (grandmothers in Russia) are residents Chernobyl.

The women refused to leave their homes after the 1986 nuclear disaster They make their way through the bushes that dominate their ancient homes to continue living in one of the most toxic places in the world.

The documentary shows how she survived the environmental disaster in Pripyat A community of 130 people, most of whom are elderly.

Their deep rooted in a now toxic land and identity is what helps them survive.


A short series of four episodes that tells a love story Pasha and Alia who have no idea of ​​the nightmare they are about to live in.

On April 26, 1986 at 2:00 AM, a terrible disaster struck ChernobylAs for Basha and Alia, they were I like to be aware of what just happened.

The tape tells Drama of thousands of people who were in the epicenter of the earthquake The explosion at the nuclear power plant.

Pasha is called to get rid of the consequences of the accident and after receiving a lethal dose of radiation he must find the strength to escape from the hospital. And go find his lover

‘Land of forgetfulness’

This movie is a drama made by the director of Israeli origin, Michel Boughanimek, who is telling The devastation and the consequences of the terrible nuclear accident on its inhabitants.

Narration starts from memories Anya, who got married on the day of the nuclear accident, lost her husband on the same night; And the story of anyone Engineers working at the plant, faced with the ethical duty to keep the leak a secret And what is to come, helping his neighbors and friends who were walking happily without having any idea of ​​the pollution.


Undoubtedly, HBO series It was the most award-winning production Tragedy touches Chernobyl.

Through five ingenious episodes, the film narrates from the moments preceding tragedy, the Big Bang, and the fire but focuses on crisis management by the Soviets.

The series focuses on The work of the scientist Valery Legasov, Deputy Prime Minister Boris Sherpina and Ulana Khomyuk, A nuclear physicist bent on solving the mystery of what happened.

This work depicts from the human side the cruelty of the tragedy that transcends it Behind the clarity of radioactivity.

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