AMLO is having dinner with American businessmen. They talk about investment and integration – El Financiero

members The Council of the Americas has expressed its willingness to invest in Mexico During a meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the National Palace.

“Very good job with everyone,” Ken Salazar, the US ambassador to Mexico, commented in front of the cameras, while raising his thumb.

Francisco Cervantes, President of the Council for Coordination of Business (CCE), added that during the dinner there was talk of confidence to continue investing in the country.

He added, “There were many investment issues, it is the issue of investment, and that more should be invested, and American companies are involved, and he (the president) is ready to provide facilities for foreign investment.”

The meeting lasted just over two hours.

Accompanying the President were Adan Augusto Lopez, Marcelo Ebrard and Tatiana Cloutier, the Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Economy, respectively.

“We had dinner at the National Palace with American businessmen from the Council of the Americas, chaired by Susan Segal.

The main topics were: Opportunities for foreign investment in Mexico and the economic integration of America in relation to the Dominions, the President shared via his Twitter account.

The Council of the Americas is an organization dedicated to trade, democracy, and open markets in the Americas.

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