AMLO support brought more problems to Peru


Saint Joseph. – Decision of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorto express his opinion on the internal affairs of Peru by justifying his actions to aid the government of that country, which has caused more turmoil than benefits to his fellow Peruvian, Pedro Castillo TeronesPolitical analysts agreed yesterday in Lima when opening a new source of diplomatic and legislative disputes.

After Lopez Obrador’s statements, Castillo was again attacked by the political opposition. Congressman Ernesto Bustamante of the opposition Fuerza Popular Party and chair of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee questioned his country’s Foreign Ministry last Tuesday about the Mexican president’s statements on Peru and demanded that it clarify the controversy.

He warned that what López Obrador revealed, that he had responded to a political request from Castillo, would constitute “a clear interference in the internal affairs of Peru”.

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“López Obrador has made clearly wrong considerations about the constitutional procedure that an extremist figure of the political administration” should dismiss a president in Peru,” said diplomat Hugo Palma, former vice chancellor and former Peruvian ambassador in Belgrade, Brasilia. Paris, Quito, Rome and Tokyo.

Palm explained: “Until the contrary is proven, the people of Peru, Mexico, and the Peruvian Congress have the right to believe that without a full, transparent and satisfactory explanation, this should be regarded as interference (by Mexico”). to Globalism.

“It is inconvenient. It should be considered as interference in Peru’s internal affairs. There is nothing more internal than the Department of Political Affairs, and if it is within the constitutional and legal channels, foreign opinions are incomprehensible.”

Stressing that “no matter how much the head of state asks, it is not the government’s job to politically support another government in difficulty,” he argued, because “there is no disaster in Peru either” to take refuge in Mexico.

After insisting that the episode with Lopez Obrador “unhappy in a Binary relationship Respect”, because “no less than a constitutional process that forms part of the legal structure of the state of Peru” is called into question, he stated that “a broad, transparent and convincing interpretation is required, which has not yet existed”.

the facts

López Obrador announced last Monday that he had sent, without setting a date, a delegation from his government to Peru because Castillo had “asked us for support” to face the political difficulties of a “campaign against the media” in which he is being attacked with “incompetence”.

Although during more than three years of his rule he repeatedly ratified his commitment to the Mexican constitutional principle of non-interference in the affairs of other countries, López Obrador on that day referred to the internal political aspects of Peru and questioned the Constitutional process to isolate the head.

With the support of only 20% of the members of Congress, in Peru a motion can be submitted to Congress to accept a motion to remove the governor or to declare the office a “vacancy” and with 40% of the legislators’ vote, a “removal” would suffice. question.

Accepted by party and social forces from right to left, constitutional efforts in Congress to remove the president are normal in Peru.

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After taking office on July 28 of this year, Castillo entered into a fierce clash with his opponents and on the seventh of this month passed an impeachment by Congress.

Castillo’s case was the fifth against a Peruvian head of state in the past four years and was positive or successful in November 2020, when Congress ousted the then president, Martin Vizcarrafor alleged bribes. Vizcarra passed one in September 2020.

As president from 2016 to 2018 and before resigning in favor of Vizcarra, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski received two requests to remove him and emerged victorious from the first, in 2017, but resigned in March 2018 before the second vote.

The presence of the Mexican delegation in Peru, led by Finance Minister Rogelio Ramirez de la O, made up of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Ariadna Montel Reyes, and staff from the Ministry of Foreign Relations, has sparked political controversy, since the country was never informed of his arrival or the details of his mission.

“We have been very respectful to support everything that can be done to help humble and poor people in difficult times,” said Lopez Obrador.

Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vieques defended López Obrador’s advice to Castillo as part of a diplomatic dialogue and argued that there is “mutual assistance” between countries to tackle poverty and promote democracy.


Peruvian political analyst, columnist and journalist Cesar CamposThe Mexican president’s action on Peru “violates the same principles that govern Mexico’s foreign policy of non-interference” in other countries and “neutrality”.

Lopez Obrador’s expressions of his contact with Castillo reveal the validity of that old apothecary that says, ‘Why do you jump if the floor is even? “In Peru there was no constitutional attack or any outbreak of a coup against Castillo,” Campos told the newspaper.

“The fact of believing or giving the indication that Castillo was the victim of an unconstitutional coup attempt is completely absurd and unrealistic. That is why I say that (López Obrador) jumps without moving the floor and that does not seem right to me.”

Luis Gonzalez, a former Peruvian chancellor and ex-president of that nation’s Congress, asserted in an interview this week by the Peruvian newspaper Expreso, that “what Lopez Obrador says is irrelevant, because he is not a very straightforward person who has been mentally seized by the Chavista group.”

“This guy has become a usable piece of the totalitarian left,” he said.

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