AMLO will double the resources to implement social programs in El Salvador

AMLO will double the resources to implement social programs in El Salvador

As part of his tour of Central America, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on Friday that the Mexican government You will double the resources you contribute to El Salvador To apply in its territory to the Sowing Life and Youth Building the Future programmes.

In a joint letter to the media with the Salvadoran president, Neb BokelLopez Obrador said this is a sign of his intent to fight poverty as a measure to deal with insecurity and immigration.

Lopez Obrador noted that El Salvador is the Central American country where its social programs have made the most progress. According to Mexican President Simbrando Vida It is already benefiting 10,000 Salvadoran farmersYoung people build the future for others 10 thousand people.

In 2019, Mexico announced that it would contribute $30 million to El Salvador just for the Sembrando Vida app. It also indicated that it would provide resources to Honduras and Guatemala to implement social programs that promote development.

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During his message on Friday, Lopez Obrador also said he hoped the United States would soon approve the money he promised Central America.

“Hopefully, the United States and Congress will end up handing over the $4 billion that President (Joe) Biden has offered to invest in these programs, so that they can be expanded into the three Central American countries,” he said.

He also emphasized that regardless, Latin American countries will not have to “wait” for US support and can act on their own from now on.

Before ending his letter, Lopez Obrador referred to Bukele as his friend and said he had “open doors” in Mexico.

The president began his Central American tour on Thursday and is expected to last through Sunday. He also plans to visit Cuba.

In the morning, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard indicated that the visit to the island continues, despite the explosion recorded Friday at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana, which has so far left eight dead and about 40 wounded.

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