AMLO will meet tomorrow with senior US officials


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that this Friday he will hold a meeting with at least five elderly people Officials from government United State.

He predicted that among the invited authorities in the neighboring country were the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the northern country, Anthony Blinken; National Security Secretary, Alejandro Mallorcas; Ambassador United State in Mexico, Ken Salazar; And maybe Attorney General Merrick Garland.

He estimated that the meeting will focus on addressing issues such as cooperation for development and the problem of migration.

He pointed out that, starting at eight in the morning, he will have breakfast with the American authorities, after which they will go to the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conclude agreements at work tables.

Lopez Obrador agreed that he would repeat the invitation to his counterpart, Joe Biden, to visit Mexico.

He stressed that the policy of North American countries cannot be frozen in measures such as immigration detention, but rather that the causes that arise from immigration must be addressed.

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