AMLO’s Central America tour begins with Guatemala

AMLO’s Central America tour begins with Guatemala

president MexicoAnd Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorArrived Thursday afternoon at Guatemala To hold a bilateral meeting with the President of this country, Alexander Giamattiand discuss security issues and the issue of immigration.

The Leader Share the Mexican in ceremony Welcoming Officer at The National Palace of Culture in Guatemala.

Lopez ObradorArrived, according to the Mexican Embassy, ​​on a commercial flight to La Aurora International Airportfrom the Guatemalan capital, and from there you will be transferred to National Palace of Culture for the official reception.

The two presidents will hold a special bilateral meeting accompanied by their delegations and then plan to issue a joint statement on the outcome of the meeting.

The Mexican president is accompanied, among others, by his foreign minister Marcelo Ebrardand their defense ministers, Luis Cresencio SandovalMarina, Jose Rafael Ojeda Duranamong other things.

Guatemala is the first leg of his tour of the countries Northern Triangle of Central America Which also includes El Salvador and Honduras, the country from which he will travel to Belize and finally to Cuba.

According to Mexican diplomatic sources, this is Lopez Obrador’s first official tour since taking office in December 2018.

Immigration will be one of the main issues to be discussed at the bilateral meeting, which worries not only Mexico, but also the United States, whose President Joe Biden is aware of Lopez Obrador’s tour of Central America, according to the Mexican ambassador. Romeo Ruiz.

Due to its geographical location, the territory of Guatemala is a natural passage for immigrants from different countries who seek to cross Mexico and reach the United States in search of better living conditions.

Only from Guatemala it is estimated that about 300,000 people leave each year in search of the so-called “American Dream”.

With information from EFE

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