Pope Francis appears in a wheelchair. Knee pain prevents him from walking

Pope Francis appears in a wheelchair.  Knee pain prevents him from walking

The Pope Franciscowhat’s wrong with that torn knee ligamentThis Thursday afternoon Publicly for the first time in a wheelchair On the Paul VI Vatican Hall.

  • The 85-year-old Pope Arrived paid for by an assistant.

On Tuesday, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Serahe said that I was going to have a knee ‘offside’ To ease his pain, this forced him to cancel several scheduled meetings.

“I have a torn ligament, I’m going to step in and that will show,” Francisco said.

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What does Pope Francis have?

The The Argentine Pope suffers from osteoarthritis in his right knee. Vatican sources reported that one of the ligaments was affected, but that he should not have undergone surgery.

The Knee infiltration is a procedure that consists of injections directly into the joint with some medication Anti-inflammatory, analgesic or regenerating effect.

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The Pope Franciscowho began in March his tenth year of his pontificate, In recent weeks he had to apologize to the believers Whoever attends the sessions with the blessing of “sitting” because of problems in his right knee that prevent him from standing for long periods.

On Wednesday, during the general audience in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope in particular He was tired and they had to help him walk and get up.

The Pope Francis also suffers from chronic sciatica problemswhich usually causes excruciating pain, and underwent delicate colon surgery in July 2021.

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