Interbank transfers: what to do if you can not pay your debts due to the suspension of the service?

Interbank transfers: what to do if you can not pay your debts due to the suspension of the service?

The electronic clearing house announce it From today, Friday, May 6th (3 o’clock(until Monday 9 May)8:30 AM), Instant interbank transfers will be suspendedAnd Because the platform used for this type of operation will be updated. This procedure affects all banks.

“It will not be possible to record transfers or payments between different banking entities immediately, but only deferred.”, pointed out. Therefore, any instant transfer, credit card payment or credit made from one bank to another between this time period Registration will take place after Monday at 08:30, when service returns.

So, If you paid with a credit card or credit card from another bank and your due date is between May 6-9, bank interest may be generated.

– If you pay with a credit or debit card From another bank and your due date is between May 6 and 9, bank interest can be generated. The Electronic Clearinghouse advises that “aFor any questions, please contact your bank. So, if this is your case, you can contact your bank to see if interest will be generated against you and what you can do to avoid it.

– If yes, interest will be generatedYou can choose to pay the minimum amount by credit card, if you are paying from another bank account, before May 6. Remember that, as the BBVA notes, “the minimum payment is the smallest amount a bank is required to maintain current credit on a credit card, without reporting a default.”

If you are in a position to do so, The best option is to pay off your debts before May 6.

– Finally, remember that transfers between accounts in the same bank will be available, so that you can pay your credit card from another account in the same financial institution.

This stop in interbank transfers Immediate in full commercial campaign will be given by mother’s DayIt is a date when electronic purchases increase among those who buy gifts for their mothers. Therefore, many companies and customers can be affected. So that the procedure does not affect you, you can follow the following recommendations:

– The Credit Bank of Peruwhich will also be affected by this paralysis, recommended to its clients that “if you need to make a transfer to another bank, during this weekend, you can use Deferred transfers between banks from your website.

Interbank explains that “Deferred transfers are a type of interbank transfer in which funds are received into the destination account (…), where they will be credited (…) after a reasonable period of time. They are interbank transfers that allow transfers to third parties from other entities at predetermined hours.“.

– Remember to file Bank transfers will succeed between users of the same banksince it does not depend on the platform to be optimized, so you will not have problems if you pay from an account of the same financial institution as the seller or supplier

Other payment methodssuch as those made through banking apps (Yape, Plin, Tunki), are also an option as they will not be affected by this procedure.

– If you want the transfer or payment between two different banks to take effect immediately, you must do so before Friday 6 at 3 pm, to avoid any inconvenience.

On the other hand, if you paid a loan or credit card from another bank and your due date is between May 6-9, we recommend that you pay it in advance as bank interest can be generated.

In cases of credit cards or other credits, it may involve bank interest. Payments and transfers within the same bank will remain instant without interruption, as it does not depend on which platform will be optimized.

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