AMLO’s real reason for not attending the summit in the US – El Financiero

AMLO’s real reason for not attending the summit in the US – El Financiero

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador led a group of Latin American presidents They required their presence at the Summit of the Americas that the Biden administration, which will host this time, Calling all heads of state in the regionincluding Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

So far, the president has added to this condition Luis Ars, Bolivia While the head Honduras, Xiomara Castro and one of Argentina, Alberto FernandezAlthough they did not refuse to attend, they supported Lopez Obrador’s position.

This is undoubtedly true He will give points to the Mexican president In an attempt to consolidate his leadership of the various left-wing governments in the region.

But, in addition to this, there is another political objective of this position and it is of an internal nature.

AMLO knows that the Mexican population has strong nationalist tendencies and it is very likely that Get increased support By giving the impression that it is Take over the Biden administration.

It doesn’t matter what happens with the Trump government He gave in to almost everything that was imposed on himso much so that the former US president himself mocked the way he “bent” the Mexican government.

He did not give more importance to the fact that the National Guard became Trump’s original border wall, but now Lopez Obrador is posing himself as a defender of dignity and sovereignty.

There are those who think that all this racket is nothing more than simple fireworks on both sides and that it is of little importance.

I’m afraid it is not.

This is one more disagreement Among the many that the Mexican government already had with Biden’s government. And of course you will have Consequences for both parties.

Although the US government is more concerned and concerned about other issues, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine or at the domestic level, a possible court decision on abortion knows that, If the Summit of the Americas turns into a fiasco Because of the absence of heads of state or criticism of the US government, Biden’s enemies will take advantage of this circumstance to attack him.

I don’t know if the Mexican government has been in touch with former President Trump. I suppose not. But I’m sure he fully understands this other failure of Biden’s foreign policy Strengthens the potential opponent President of the United States in the elections of 2024, a Former President Donald Trump.

But, there is another variable, which is also annoying.

The US government’s arguments not to invite the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have to do with the fact that it does not consider them to be in power after winning the democratic processes.

Article 19 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter The website states in September 2001 that “a rupture of the democratic system or a change in the constitutional order seriously affecting the democratic order of a Member State constitutes, as long as it persists, a serious obstacle to the participation of its Government in the sessions of the General Assembly, the Consultation Meeting, the Organization’s Councils and Specialized Conferences, and the Committees , working groups, and other organs of the Organization (Painter-American)”.

Based on that US governmentas a host, established Excluding the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The position promoted by the Mexican president is an indirect warning to the United States government regarding the reality of it You will not accept that characterizing an electoral process as democratic can come from outside.

In the same way that the government did not accept the European Parliament’s expression of concern about the issue of insecurity for Mexican journalists or the environmental impacts of energy policy raised by North American companies, it appears that It heals in good health It will not accept that some outside entity will judge whether electoral practices in Mexico are democratic or not.

Today, it is a regular practice in the world Presence of international organizations in monitoring electoral processes And expressing views on it, and then approved by the aforementioned Democratic Charter.

it will be The Earth is being prepared for trial in 2024 From international observers in the face of questionable electoral practices?

Or maybe it doesn’t matter what the Biden administration says in the face of Trump’s return to the White House from January 2025?

you will say.

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