An alleged meteor exploding in Venezuela and shaking


Venezuela. Soil in different locations in Venezuela Shook after this Sunday, Feb 28th, prof Unidentified flying method It exploded in state Anzoátegui.

Mediante las redes personas de comunicades como ariaguán, El Tigre, Cua, Anaco, entre otras, reportaron que alrededor de las 23:40 hor localas (tiempo) el cielo se iluminó por unos instantes y que tres movutos después escucharon un granó esti Earth.

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The object, which has been speculated, was a meteorite that could have shattered in the state of El Paraiso de Anaco, in Anzoátegui, Although its effects are being felt in other entities in the South American country.

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Although there is no official version yet, social networks have been full Article on this topic. Between the photos and videos, it was possible to document the exact moment in which it was made UFO It shook the Venezuelans.


One of the most impressive clips shows the moment when a group of people enjoyed an evening outdoors with a guitar and singer. Just when he was about to start the song, a roar caused a surprise. The man who was about to sing a pisa musician stopped yelling “shit”.

A UFO explodes in the sky of Venezuela (video)

Another recording shows the perspective of the security camera, highlighting only how a sudden light illuminates everything around it without revealing too many details about the moment.

“Some kind of meteor or astronomical phenomenon surprised the inhabitants of the eastern entity. In Pariaguan, Guaniba and Tigre, neighbors claimed to have seen the sky blue and then red after hearing a loud noise. # February 28,” posted the Twitter account that raised the photos.

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