An ambitious exercise in new science fiction


They speak the bad – or the good – languages ​​which are very likely to be so Any story told today, by any means and regardless of genres, patterns, and tones, has already been told a thousand ways before.. This, as bleak as it may seem, is not necessarily a negative thing, because in this artistic expression there is always room to bring to life the archetypes and to form fresh and original works even though they are supported on well-known grounds.

Unfortunately, sometimes explosions of creativity are not enough to stimulate the viewer’s mind and make him forget about pre-existing references. When watching a feature film, the footage circulating on the screen remains in the background; her place Memories of titles that did the same – and maybe even better –And through a series of repetitive patterns to the point of nausea that ends up weighing down the experience.

This is exactly the main disease he suffers from “memories”; For the first time on the cathodic big screen so far Lisa Joy “Westworld.” An ambitious and understated cocktail of quintessential science fiction film noir, Although it has an undeniable appeal conceptually, it is weighed down by a psychedelic and out of step narrative., and in a series of very common places adorned with semi-majestic vanity.

Noir 3.0.0 Update

The Spanish premiere of “Reminiscence” precedes the infamous record that places him as The worst American show ever for a movie released in more than 3,000 theaters. Since the data was known, they were looking for explanations of all kinds Like this commercial bump; Although I’ve seen it so often that I fear that, regardless of its poor promotional campaign, the main culprit for the disaster was the production itself and the numbness in its content.

While a sequential shot of a digital situation – not well resolved, it has to be said – puts us on the wretched, flood-ravaged East Coast of the United States, the film welcomes us into its strange world by doing a grueling first table of all the cards to be played later that are mostly centered. Most popular cliches Noir Classics and Contemporary Replicas; including display a killer woman, essential to the story, limits the cartoonishness at this point.


Perhaps the greatest intent reference statement on tape is to use Voiceover that, while doing its job, blurs the narrative between buzzwords and abuse of resources. Through the protagonist’s verbal thoughts, ‘Memories’, only in her first act – and this will extend throughout the entire show – highlights themes and theses, provides context, interprets and bombards the esteemed eardrums with the oral exposition necessary to fill it. Gaps and make the whole take on the minimal meaning.

Once they enter the first half of their second season, though the boredom begins to set in, derived from an erratic rhythm and a dramatic twist that invites us to consider an entire season of a brief series that is summed up in two hours, The puzzle posed by the plot is strong enough to maintain a minimum of attention. But it doesn’t take long for this mirage to fade, revealing unsurprising exposed secrets through dialogue that leads to the end of the party that, when it arrives, is already too late.

Box office memories flop

This feeling of being before cathodic production is reinforced by the predominance of medium and short shots in the theater which, save for occasional flashes, is uninspiring, and in contrast to the film’s great success: Stunning, modern and futuristic production design that succeeds in creating a unique and detailed tangible world Which extracts gold from a modest – taking into account its aspirations – a budget approaching 80 million dollars. If we add to this the trend of solvent photography Paul Cameron – Under his brightest works like ‘sideways’Yes, doubts that the biggest attraction of height is its shape have completely dissipated.

Between punctual yawns, subtle glances at the clock and bits of admiration for dedicated work Hugh Jackman And above all, a Rebecca Ferguson Impeccable Memories capture the viewer’s memory in the least possible way; To remind him in sequential order that there are wonders New Noir / Sci-Fi Like ‘Blade Runner’, classics like ‘Perdition’ or ‘The Maltese Falcon’ and contemporary puzzles like ‘Memento’ – the acknowledged director’s inspiration – which actually played the same keys, but in a much more satisfying way.

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