An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean moves off the coast of Central America – UNOTV

An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean moves off the coast of Central America – UNOTV
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred Sunday in the Pacific Ocean between Central America and the Galapagos Islands.
An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean shakes the coast of Central America. Photo: Getty Images

a 6.3 magnitude earthquake This happened Sunday October 16 In the The Pacific OceanAnd the Between Central America and the Galapagos Islandsaccording to him United States Geological Survey (USGS)but no damage was reported.

At what depth did the earthquake occur in the Pacific Ocean?

The Earthquake happened in one 10 km depthaccording to him USGSand the US Tsunami Warning Center He said that no alert has been issued regarding a possible tsunami, as it were geological network of chilewhich he identified was not seen and did not cause a tsunami.

a spokesperson for the authorities Civil protection in Panama They said they have not received any news of any impact and Ecuadorean authorities Nor did they have immediate information on the damage caused by the earthquake. Previously, it was a file Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center have mentioned that Earthquake have arrived Size 6.4.

Where is the Pacific Ring of Fire located?

The Pacific Ring of Fire It covers more than 40 thousand kilometers from New Zealand To the west coast of South America, across the east coast of Asia s Alaska and the Northeast North Amarica s Central America. Some of the volcanoes in this region are Saint Helena, Tambora, Krakatoa, Merapi and Fuji.

Why do earthquakes occur in the Pacific Ring of Fire?

In this area there is a file High seismic and volcanic activity Because of Pacific Ring of Fire Formed as a result of movement tectonic plates, large slabs about 80 kilometers thick, which fit together but are not completely connected. they move The internal processes of the planet that occur at a depth of thousands of kilometers below the surface of the Earth.

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