An important meeting to support the United States in the agreement with the International Monetary Fund


With The United States as a major player in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The Argentine Ambassador to Washington Jorge ArgueloWhile passing through Buenos Aires, he met President Alberto Fernandez at Olivos.

“In a lengthy informal meeting the President reported on my assignments in Washington, and Together we have reviewed many issues of the diverse and growing bilateral agenda“, the details Algeria on social media He explained that he was “called” by Fernandez.

What has already been agreed with the IMF and what does the multi-year plan that the government will send to Congress include?

It was America One of the countries that demanded an economic plan to advance negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, which both the President and the Ambassador identified as being on the right track.

An informal greeting between Biden and Fernandes during the G-20 summit in Rome

The government summoned itself to present the basis of the agreement with the Fund in Congress “in the first week of December” and after meeting with Kristalina Georgieva in Rome, Economy Minister Martin Guzman accelerated negotiations with the IMF.

Algeria, Sherpa in the G20, also participated in Key meetings and informal contacts with US officials. Although the There was no couple with Joe Biden or Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, future US ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley, emphasizing that they are willing to help negotiate, with the plan as a condition.

Stanley He appeared last month in a confirmation hearing before the US Senate, where he considered that Argentina Going through ‘great economic challenges’ She stressed that she is seeking to support the government in negotiations with the IMF But he claimed an economic plan.

With no mission in sight, what did the IMF say about the axes and terms of the agreement with Argentina?

“They haven’t yet but They say they’ll get to one soon“Stanley had presented in detail before the Senate at the end of October. And from the Treasury, Wali Ademo had already foreseen for Martin Guzman the condition of an economic plan.

One of the concerns of the American corporate and political sectors is China advances over Latin America. In this context, the future ambassador confirmed that he will seek to speed up Discussions over the 5G networkThe United States aims to stop the spread of the Asian giant.

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