An Uber driver catches her cheating partner during a trip | Video


driver experience Uber Who discovered her partner’s infidelity during the service, turned the Internet upside down and is now one of the most viral stories on social networks.

Tiktok user @jword444 based in United State, Several have been uploaded Videos In his account to explain what happened with his partner and the “relationship” that ended sharply in the separation from his cheating partner.

A young woman named Jane recounted that she met the boy in a program contact contact detailedThe young woman stated that they were not officially dating, however, there were all signs of a serious relationship that was on the right track, however, the magic was broken very soon.

Jane recounts that on January 28, she called the aforementioned to formalize a an appointment Since he was on a day off, the man told him he was going to see a hockey game with a friend, He asked to see her the following Saturday.

Upon receiving this reply, the young woman started working and decided to go out to work for a while since then platform driver uber, Jane noticed that she had been asked for a close service and did not hesitate to receive it.

The theater is located

What might surprise her that when she came to receive the service, they were a couple, at first, she and her “boyfriend” didn’t recognize each other because the three were carrying face maskHowever, once inside the car Gene The subject touched through the rear-view mirror and they knew each other without a doubt.

surprised Driver He took them to their destination and left, later receiving a call from the man who tried to apologize for not saying anything to him.

A few days later, Jane went to a bar with several of her friends and there she was in contact with bartender From the place he told him he knew the “good friend” of the boy.

“The girl approached me, we started chatting, and she confirmed that she had an affair with him. The Uber driver told him, ‘I have a funny story and we have to talk about it.'”

Since then, the woman has finished it Temporary relationshipthe same thing he was grateful to be able to complete for “red flags“He got it in a very short time.

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