A homeless person builds a two-story cardboard house? | Video


seeing is believing! Sometimes on the streets you find very strange things and there seems to be a truth in which reality is beyond imagination: a man in the street I know built a house From cardboard and wood two-story, which amazed all passers-by and motorists wandering on the street on which he decided to settle.

This unusual fact was captured by several people Via his cell phone and there was no shortage of people uploading a video on social networks where the surprise was even greater. In one of them you can see the owner bending over from one of the windows above and even greeting each other.

Some black bags and sheets are part of its origin used by the poor improvised Privacy Salim. It should be noted that there are those who claim that the house has a sofa, desks and a closet. As if this were not enough, if the place is no longer comfortable, the house can be easily moved to any place thanks to the wheels on it.

It should be noted that you can also see a sign that reads “For Sale”, without knowing if this is the property itself or some kind of product that it can survive.

What did they say on social media?

As expected, the situation sparked many reactions on social networks, where multiple ideas coincide or may conflict. In the case of the man, it sparked controversy because of the conditions in which many people suffer from the same condition and the treatment that condition United give them. However, others took her with humor and even admiration, because she was very witty.

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