Russian Defense Minister Shares Details About a Submarine Recently Discovered in Russia’s Far East



February 14, 2022 13:17 GMT

According to the senior official, a foreign submarine entered 4 kilometers into Russian territorial waters, and the process of its expulsion took about three hours.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed today, Monday, that during the exercises conducted by the Pacific Fleet, been detected On Saturday, in Russian territorial waters, a submarine allegedly belonging to the US Navy.

Shoigu explained that the submarine entered more than 4 kilometers into Russian territorial waters, and the process of expelling it took nearly three hours. The senior official also said that the submarine was exposed three times to “Special ProceduresTo leave Russian waters.

‘This kind of activity in the East is quite incomprehensible and unjustifiedThe head of the Russian defense added.

Shoigu also reported that Russian military exercises, some of which are coming to an end, are being organized in almost all fleets and military districts of the country. The Russian Defense Minister summarized that “some of these exercises are about to end and others will end soon,” adding that “in all areas A variety of movement exercises are performed from the enemy.”

Last Saturday, a Virginia-class submarine was discovered in the territorial waters of Russia, in the area of ​​​​Europe Island of the Kuril Archipelago.

For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the delivery of a note to the representative of the Office of the Military Attache for Defense at the US Embassy in Moscow “on the violation of the US Navy’s submarine from the state borders of Russia.” “The Russian Defense Ministry reserves the right to take all possible measures in its territorial sea to ensure the security of the Russian Federation,” they declared from the agency.

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