An ultra-conservative American broadcaster accuses Simon Biles of being weak and a bad exampleمثال


gymnast American Simone Biles His federation announced that he would not play on Thursday in the singles final of the Tokyo Olympics, as he would have been defending the title. Bills has already pulled out of the team final on Tuesday. This announcement sparked a wave of reactions Most sympathy and support, although there are some minority voices that removed Blame Towards the athlete, as with the conservative American broadcaster Charlie Kirk, which classifies Biles as weak and to be bad example for girls.

And in a radio interview, Kirk faces the athlete, who decided to withdraw from the team final, “When He could have won Gold Medal “Because, he admits, ‘a great athlete, perhaps Best athlete of all timeDespite this, he hands the medal “To the Russians”.

“If you have problems, don’t come”

His words are deep contempt And they want REDICOLISARLA: “You are Selfish sociopathAnd Immature “And you are ashamed of your country,” she says.

“We do Generations of the weak grow upLike Biles. If you have mental problems, don’t attend,” he asks, then tells him that if he doesn’t feel ‘capable’, make way for ‘thousands of great gymnasts who can do it. “

embarrassment for the country

What kind of person Avoid fighting For a gold medal? “Kirk wonders,” Are you a Shame For the country, for the nation because you gave it to the Russians. And he concludes by emphasizing that Simone Biles “showed the rest of the nation that when the going gets tough, you’re split into a million shards.” “

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had a bells of explaining why he quit after a few hours of speculation about whether it was an injury to body or mind. “It’s the demons in my head,” he explained frankly.

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