An unusual heat wave will break all records in the northeastern United States


An unusual heat wave is expected this weekend, likely unlike any other heat wave seen in the northwestern United States, CNN Spanish reported.

When temperatures reach and exceed 38 degrees Celsius, Seattle can feel like Las Vegas, while Portland can experience Phoenix’s heat level, in an area where air conditioning isn’t always the norm. Dozens of heat records are expected to be broken in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, even beating some decades-old records. And all during the first weekend of summer.

In Seattle and Portland, the heat will reach previously unknown levels. By the end of the weekend, high temperatures could be between 12.5 and 15 degrees Celsius above normal for this time of year.

The average high temperature in Seattle in late June was 22 degrees, while Portland was generally around 24 degrees at this time of year. However, forecasts say high temperatures could be close to 37.8 degrees or higher in the two cities from Saturday to Monday.

Seattle has temperature records dating back to 1894, and during that time, it has exceeded 37.8 degrees Celsius only three times.

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