Analysis: This is how the Colombian team played against the United States

Analysis: This is how the Colombian team played against the United States

On Saturday evening, the Colombian national senior team tied 0-0 with the United States in California, in a friendly match.

The coffee team outperformed their rivals in the first half, leaving a few aspects to be highlighted.

The game went back and forth in the first minutes. La Tricolore frequently trampled the opponent’s possessions, but they also came close to him on several occasions, in which Álvaro Montero made a proper appearance.

One of the clearest shots of North Americans was done by Paxten Reid Aaronson with a shot inside the area, which managed to stop the Colombian guard.

Colombia were seen as quick on defensive and offensive transitions, where team play prevailed, but they lacked coordination and finesse when finishing their incursions down the opposite field.

a deflected shot by Juan Camilo “Cocho” Hernandez; A left-footed shot from Cristian Arango went close to the goal and a counter-attack led by Juan David Mosquera, who lacked ambition in finishing on goal and ended up with a failed pass, one of the highlights of the national representative in attacking matters. , in the first period.

In the supplementary phase, he tried to maintain his attacking inclination, but he did not achieve the necessary clarity to open the scoring either.

those who played

In this commitment, Colombia formed from the start with Alvaro Montero, Juan David Mosquera, Andrés Lleñas, Alexis Pérez, Franck Fabra, Wilmar Andrés Velasquez, Jorman Campuzano, Dylan Borrero, Diego Valois, Cristian Arango and Camilo Hernandez.

Facing the play-offs, coach Néstor Lorenzo sent Díber Cambindo onto the field, for Arango; and José Luis Chunga for Montero. He also later gave minutes to Daniel Ruiz (Poreiro), Santiago Moreno (Hernandez) and Kevin Castaño (Velasquez).

The aim of this type of commitment is precisely to monitor new players for consideration in the upcoming South American qualifiers.

These teams have faced each other in 21 matches, leaving them with 13 wins for Colombia, four for the United States and four draws, with the victory on Saturday. After the defeat in the 1994 World Cup, they played 11 matches, with only one win for North Americans, according to statistician Luis Arturo Henao.

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