“If the USA is bad, then Mexico is 10 times worse”

“If the USA is bad, then Mexico is 10 times worse”
Alexi Lalas: “If the USA is bad, then Mexico is 10 times worse”

The former North American defense sharply criticized ‘Tri’ for not recruiting Marcelo Bielsa.

Alexi Lalas:
For former defender Alexei Lalas, the Mexican national team is in a worse situation than the United States.

Munnery, Nuevo Leon – After four years as World Cup hosts, the football situation in the United States and Mexico is not the best according to former defenseman Alexi Lalas, who has been highly critical of the “trio” asserting that they are worse than his counterpart. The country not to appoint Marcelo Bielsa as coach.

During the recent edition of his podcast “Alexi Lalas State of the Union,” the former United States international wondered about the moment the two strongest teams in CONCACAF currently have no coach, and brought to his attention that the tricolor did not. The Argentine technician signed.

“If the United States is bad, believe me, it is ten times worse when it comes to Mexico.”

Alexi Lalas

Former USA National Team

For Lalas, the fact that the new Mexico coach is not Bielsa is interesting because he is an important man and someone they know very well in Mexican football. I think the Mexican football community and fans are going to ask why did we end up with Almada or Herrera when we could have had Bielsa? “

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