Pique at Shakira’s house. Sasha’s Birthday, Video – International Football – Sport

Pique at Shakira’s house.  Sasha’s Birthday, Video – International Football – Sport

The official breakup of the singer Shakira And the former soccer player Gerrard Pique It was announced in June 2022, but January 2023 is already coming to an end, and news about the two is mounting.

Colombian continues to develop its new products, focusing on its thinking Miami, United StatesShe wants to settle down with her children, but she couldn’t.

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Pique also does his job. This time he’s “scooping balls” to the “Kings League,” which he created and which has won thousands of fans every time there’s a date.

After Shakira’s song, which revolutionized the world, with expressions towards Pique to his new girlfriend Clara Shea Marty And where even her mother-in-law has fallen, the couple seems to be enjoying a normal relationship.

On Sunday, Pique returned home to Shakira. He is seen leaving in a black van. the reason? lower son, sasha, I was eight years old.

Cake and guests

A week ago, the former defender chose from Spain Peace Pipe also signed with Barranquillara, this time, on the occasion of the birthday of the eldest, Milan.

The Spanish media following their trail took up positions in front of the house and commented on every event that could have happened.

It was learned that a parked car was parked outside the house. Ferrari As confirmed, it is the property of the Argentine producer strange But nothing is certain.


Taken from Youtube and Twitch

The cameras captured the moment Milan got out of Pique’s car, and moments later Sasha did it.

Sure enough, the party had many guests and the cake was a classic. A group of repeaters attended the meeting.

Pique’s parents, children and Pique’s wife were at the ceremony Kyle Couric, basket ball player.
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