Andres Manga Escobar, convicted of raping a woman in Iceland – International Soccer – Sports

Andres Manga Escobar, convicted of raping a woman in Iceland – International Soccer – Sports

Andres Ramiro “Manga” Escobar, a former soccer player for Deportivo Cali, Atlético Nacional and Melonarios, among other teams, was convicted a few days ago in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, for the crime of sexual assault.

According to ‘Morgunbladid’, one of the oldest newspapers in that country, last Friday the Colombian was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the crime in question after a hearing in Reykjavik District Court.

manga case

Andres Escobar had a stint as a millionaire in 2016.


Hector Zamora / Central Europe

According to information published by “Morgunbladid”, the event for which the “Manga” was judged would have occurred on September 19. According to a press report, Escobar, who has played for Lickner Reykjavik since last year, He would abuse a woman in his house.

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Regarding the session in which the Colombian footballer was sentenced, the media recorded this Born in Puerto Tejada, Cauca, he would have admitted to having sexual relations with the complainant, but “denied that he abused her”.

The attacker’s lawyer, who came to play in France and the United States, was to appeal the ruling to a national court. Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that Escobar remains in custody. This will be the case, in principle, until September 1, the day when the adjudication on his appeal is expected..

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Who is Escobar’s manga?

Andres Escobar

Andrés ‘Manga’ Escobar during his time in Deportivo Cali.

Andres Ramiro “Manga” Escobar is a 30-year-old Colombian footballer who, in his youth, promised to be one of the great national players. However, throughout his career, indiscipline scandals affected his performance.

In 2018, for example, Escobar had to leave Deportes Tolima after being accused of attending a training session while under the influence. At that time, he was also detained by the National Police in a similar situation.

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In 2020, in an interview with ‘La Red’, from ‘Caracol’, the footballer said that he realized his mistakes, but to tell the truth, it was difficult for him to distinguish him.

There are people who increase things because they have nothing to do. There are people who are upset with one’s success in life and are waiting for the first hole to kill one. Most young people in Colombia would like to have the life I live, even if it upsets and hurts them. We, the players, are envious because at the age of 20 or 22, most of us have a stable economic future. So there are some who are 20 years old who are just starting their lives and who are bothered that we have already taken such a big step,” he declared at the time about his controversial life away from the courts.

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Until now, after learning the news of his conviction, no one around him spoke about it.

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